Welcome to Instant Grassification!
Everlast is state-of-the-art artificial turf – a carefree alternative to the everyday lawn. Ever green with lasting value.
All Beauty
Our blend of earthy green fibers and hints of brown blades allow for an uncanny resemblance to natural grass. Due to our different blade heights and dimensional hues, all of our products evoke a fresh cut look. Everlast has invested extensive research and development in order to perfect the dual hue blades and our line reflects that. The all-polyethylene fiber is constructed to replicate nature’s colors, down to the thatch and blades. Our synthetic grass blades are soft, smooth, and beautiful. From the shape of the grass to the multi-colored blades, our grass is intricate and impeccable. Our state-of-the-art artificial turf is a carefree alternative to an everyday lawn. Eternal ever green grass guaranteed all year long.
No Maintenance
Everlast embodies all the aesthetical features of a natural lawn without the costly and demanding maintenance. The key appeal to our products?  It requires little-to-no-maintenance, meaning, no mowing, no trimming, and no watering. Your lawn is guaranteed to look perfect regardless of the weather conditions. So, if you’d like to have durable, beautiful everlasting green without the demanding up keep, our Everlast product line is for you!
Pet Turf
Our Everlast pet turf was created exclusively to resist the demands of our beloved four-legged friends. Our non-absorbent and rinse clean Pet Turf is THE ideal product for any pet. Pet Turf was designed to provide pet owners and pets alike, with a fun, safe, yet low maintenance environment. No need to worry about those discolored spots. To clean, simply hose down and continue on with your day. Although our line is highly durable, it is equally natural looking. Animal shelters, boarding kennels, and ranches across the nation have all endorsed our line for their loved ones. Our dimensional yarn coupled with our rinse clean foundation, make it easy to see why it is so favored in the industry.
Extensive Product Line for All Needs
Our extensive Everlast line was created to offer the industry a wide variety of products in order to fill the needs of the marketplace. Whatever your landscaping project, we can guarantee you will find the ideal product from our Everlast line. Our inventory can be cut to standard or custom sizes depending on your project. Whether you are looking to install for a residential, commercial, athletic, pet, or golf application, rest assured, our line has exactly what you need.
Competitive Pricing
We are dedicated to bringing the industry only the finest quality products at the most competitive prices. When you purchase from our Everlast line, feel confident that your lawn will not only look pristine year round, but that you are receiving the best deal in the marketplace.