Turf Lingo
Keywords and phrases in the language of artificial turf, translated by Everlast:
  • Backing: A foundation for synthetic grass. A quality backing like Everlast’s has a primary layer, usually a woven propylene, coated with urethane for stability and to secure the fiber tufts.
  • Extrusion: The manufacture and molding of yarns of plastic into individual grass fibers.
  • Face Weight: The weight of turf’s grass fiber, excluding backing.
  • Heavy Metals: Residue of elements, such as lead, once used in plastics such as nylon to provide color. Everlast turf contains no heavy metal.
  • Infill: Material distributed among grass fibers to (some or all of the following, depending on the application): create a “soil” effect, help keep the fiber standing tall and/or provide shock absorbency.
  • Monofilament: Singular fiber extruded in thick or thin strands with various profiles. All Everlast lawns feature this modern yarn technology.
  • Permeability: How water and other liquids pass through turf, typically via perforations in the backing.
  • Pigment: Also known as colorists, the naturally occurring green tints embedded in Everlast polyethylene grass fiber.
  • Pile Height: The height of grass fiber. Pile height of Everlast lawns range from 1½” to 1⅞”.
  • Polyethylene: A supple, resilient and non-abrasive plastic that provides lifelike characteristic for turf grass blades, recyclable and lead-free. Everlast turf is 100% polyethylene.
  • Urethane: Final coating applied to the backing, typically black in color.
  • UV Stabilizers: Mixed into each master batch, providing the highest-quality protection from the sun’s ultra-violet rays.
  • Thatch: “Crinkled” base layer of fiber that gives landscaping turf added plushness and helps keep the taller fibers upright. Everlast includes turf varieties with brown-colored thatch for added realism.
  • Slit-Film: An earlier-generation of turf fiber common to athletic fields, designed to break down into smaller fibers. Wide profile reflects more light and is infamous for looking “fake”.
  • Tuft Bind: An industry standard measuring the force required to pull a tuft of grass from its backing. Everlast’s tuft bind typically exceeds 10 pounds.
  • Yarn: Plastic polymers are converted to spools of yarn, which becomes grass fiber.