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Artificial Grass from Everlast Turf

Artificial Grass

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Our company advanced the use of 100 percent polyethylene fiber to create a lawn that’s lifelike, doesn’t fade and is environmentally friendly.


Our turf is created in a facility that encompasses the latest turf design, material and manufacturing technology, specialized machinery and ISO certification.

The Process

Everlast Turf has a 10-Step process to “Instant Grassification”. From start to finish, we can help you get the best products for the best installation!

About Everlast Turf

Maintaining natural grass can turn into a tough task. However, we’re certain that when you experience Everlast turf, you will see that we are building a better more efficient lawn.

Most importantly: Everlast looks and feels like the real thing.

From the shape of the grass to the multi-colored blades, our grass is intricate and impeccable. The grass is soft, supple and resilient, with minimized shine and sparkle. It shouts “all-natural!”

The color is a virtual match for real grass and is no longer the fluorescent green of yesterday’s artificial turf. The hues reflect the exhaustive research & development Everlast has invested to ensure that your new lawn blends naturally with existing landscape, day-after-day through all weather conditions.

The turf feels just like real grass, when your fingers dig deep into the pile, the tactile sensation makes you believe this product is as close to the real thing as possible. Thanks to a dense thatch constructed to imitate a natural lawn’s root zone, our products feature only the best yarn on the market.

Everlast’s superiority extends beyond the senses. We offer the widest range of product and color variety. The quality is consistent because we control the manufacturing process in concert with TenCate, a worldwide leader in textiles. We use only premium ingredients, so our warranty is the industry’s longest. Our products are maintenance-free, conserve water and are recyclable.

It can be argued that Everlast is superior to real grass. We are confident that your Everlast experience will be the best products the artificial turf industry can deliver.

The Only Thing Better Than Our Artificial Grass Is Our Service!


Water Wise

Nationwide, nearly 9 BILLION gallons of water is being used a day for lawn maintenance. With Everlast artificial grass we aim to lower that number.

15 Year Warranty

Our synthetic turf looks and feels like real grass and is built to last. We believe in it so much we have a 15-year warranty for it.

Certified Lead-Free

All Everlast artificial grass products are built to be safe and are guaranteed to be lead-free making it great for your family and pets.