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Venice Fescue Light

Traffic Level:Light to Moderate Traffic
Main Application:Landscape
Colors:Field Green/Olive Green

Enhance your property’s aesthetics and maximize your investment with Venice Fescue Light artificial turf by SGW. The latest in state-of-the-art landscaping, Venice Fescue Light is specially formulated for light to moderate traffic – perfect for small families and regular daily activity. Gone are the days of excessive watering, mowing and unnecessary upkeep – with Venice Fescue Light, you’ll enjoy a low-maintenance artificial turf surface that can be enjoyed over and over again. When the time comes to take care of your synthetic turf, light watering and brushing are all you’ll need to get the job done!

Certified non-toxic and lead-free, Venice Fescue Light is guaranteed to keep you and your family safe while enjoying your artificial turf landscaping. Its UV stabilization allows you to spend more time outdoors and less time worrying about staying cool – Venice Fescue Light is designed to withstand the elements! With its field green/olive green color blend, green and tan thatch, and 1.50-inch blade height, Venice Fescue Light effortlessly replicates the look of a perfectly manicured natural grass lawn, making your property stand out from the crowd. You won’t have to worry about matted artificial turf thanks to Venice Fescue Light’s 55-ounce pile weight, engineered specifically to enhance recovery after use.

Enjoy peace of mind with our 15-year limited warranty*, standard with Venice Fescue Light and the rest of our artificial grass products. When you choose SGW, you get a synthetic turf landscape built to last for many years to come.