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Cascade Fescue Light

Recommended Use:Moderate to Heavy Traffic
Main Application:Landscape
Colors:Field Green / Olive Green

Everlast Turf Cascade Fescue Light features an approximate 1.625” pile height and beautiful field and olive green blade color combinations, emulating the characteristics of a real grass lawn. Paired with these natural color tones, Cascade Fescue Light also features a green and brown thatch which adds to its striking realistic appearance. This product is non-toxic and lead-free, creating an excellent play area for kids and pets!

With an approximate face weight of 55 ounces, Everlast Turf Cascade Fescue Light is an ideal choice for any front yard or backyard installation. A drainage rate of 30+ inches of rain an hour eliminates any future puddles or sitting water that would attract pesky bugs and mud! Each grass blade is triple-reinforced into the backing, which provides this turf an exceptionally strong resistance to pull force.

We guarantee your Everlast Cascade Fescue Light artificial turf lawn will save you water, time and money! This product is backed by our 15-year warranty*.