Everlast's Recreational Artificial Grass
Everlast features synthetic turf for all types of recreational activities.

Playgrounds are unique applications that require superior wear-and-tear characteristics along with a certain amount of shock absorbency. With Everlast Turf products, you will feel confident that your children will not only have a safe surface for their gross motor activities, but also a clean non-toxic hypo-allergenic surface. Our playground padding is available in a variety of thicknesses and meets the standard for the American Society for Testing and Materials’ fall-height requirements.

From club sports to professional athletics, Everlast sports turf implements the latest in sports field technology. Our blades are longer, low-friction and non-abrasive, so even the toughest game will be cushioned and secured with the best quality synthetic turf. Our sports turf can be used every day and lasts longer that conventional fields because it requires minimal maintenance.

No matter what sport you enjoy or what type of play structure you have, Everlast has a synthetic grass product that is right for your needs. From golf to paintball, we have your ideal field in mind.

Is it real? Only your greens keeper and you will know.

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